SHPAA membership is now FREE to SHP alumni but we do still need and appreciate your financial support. To join for free, just print and mail or email the SHPAA Membership Form.

Please also consider joining at a higher level if you are able and help support the mission of the organization! Membership dues go to the general fund of SHPAA. The board uses this fund in whatever way it feels most supports the Summer Honors Program. This fund also covers operating costs for the organization. You may now pay dues online or mail them  with the SHPAA Membership Form. Thank you for your support!

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Any SHPAA Alumnus
Only SHPAA Alumni may be elected to the board with voting privileges

SHP Alumni, Teachers, Staff, Houseparents

Any SHP Supporter
You may earmark up to 75% of your donation for specific SHP/SHPAA funds (scholarships, foundation, events, specific items)

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