SHPAA Board Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2021

Following are the draft minutes from the June 19, 2021 SHPAA board meeting held via Zoom conference call.

  1. Dave – start off – 
    1. Apologized for not being more active. Lots of things are going on with the pandemic. 
    2. Talked with Mike and others – get us on a good solid footing. 
      1. Regular meetings, keep in the know
      2. Mike is the prodder – keeping Dave accountable
    3. Run down top items
      1. Kaleb has been working on non-profit status. Giving a treasurer’s report. 
      2. Setting regular meetings for this board. Some people said it was too little notice – Dave agreed. Just wants consistency. Wants a board meeting during or near Summer Honors. Meetings will be discussed later in the meeting. 
      3. Decide what kind of organization we should really be. Spend some time refining what it means
        1. Should we be a formal organization with a roster of members – a cohesive group. 
        2. Do we need to handle money? Can we make what we want to have happen and leave it to someone else. 
        3. If we are going to have a money handling part – we need to be actively engaged. 
  2. Going around to give updates and to add to the agenda. 
    1. Mike Lewis – Went to summer honors 86-90. Founder of alumni association back in 96ish. History of the group has been waves of inactivity. Nice 35 year reunion. 
      1. Wants to talk about what can be guarded against these periods of inactivities. 
    2. Dana – went to summer honors for 5 years. Ready to help out. She sees this group as not unique in our issues. 
    3. Mike Pedersen – attended in 85-89 – same as Dana. Summer Honors was instrumental for him so he is ready to help make it stronger. 
    4. Kaleb Kinder – from Alma, summer honors in 14-18, teaching logic this year. Good first week, pursuing a community of truth.
    5. Brooke Choquette – attended around 10, lives in KC. Wants to talk about DoY later and how it relates to what we need to do. 
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Working on paperwork to be in good standing with the state. David Koesters had kept it up. But, we did not have a 2017 or 2019 report to the state. We need to get our good standing back. This is why we need all the addresses for all directors on the board. 
    2. $1,726.28 current balance. 
      1. Please confirm – Kaleb 
  4. 10 member board members
    1. Roles taken
      1. Dave – president, historian/publicity
      2. Vice president – Dana
      3. Erica – Secretary
      4. Kaleb – Treasurer 
      5. Brittney – Membership chair
      6. Events – open
      7. At large – Mike L., Mike P., Brooke, Brenda, Mar Lee
  5. Establishing next meeting
    1. Open it up to all. 
      1. Dave – August/September, November, April/Early May, and the week between summer honors. 
        1. Dana, Mike L, Brooke, and Brittney all think it is a good idea
          1. Brittney likes the November meeting. Talk to Janelle before so as initiatives start in January, we can help as needed. 
        2. Mike P and Kaleb – promote summer honors more
          1. Mike P – wants someone at graduation to talk about SHPAA
        3. Dave – set our next meeting with a range. Pick a date in September. 
          1. Dana – pick a month for book club, survey for month and then times for the month. 
          2. Nominate someone to send out a poll in August. 
          3. Action item – Mike P and Brittney can put a pull together.  Early-July poll to send out. 
            1. Zoom information two week before date. 
              1. Dave, moved. Mike L seconded. All members agreed on action. 
  6. Committee – Britney and Kaleb
    1. Getting information or getting people involved from this years summer honors
      1. Brittney and Kaleb – Google form to get information from current students for SHPAA. 
        1. Dave, moved. All members agreed on action. 
  7. Deciding on what organization we should be. 
    1. Dana – networking/social should be a big part of it. Money is less of an issue. 
    2. Kaleb – likes what Dana said. Call networking primary function, secondary to help out summer honors – even in a networking setting. 
    3. Mike L – agrees with Dana and Kaleb on their points. Holdrege meeting years ago about outreach to house parents. 
      1. Is this still an issue? Not sure that it will come back. They are sending everyone home. Brittney does not think it will ever go back to before. 
        1. Several schools are using vans to transport kids. 
        2. Mike P – how is this impacting the social kids?
          1. Brittney – format has changed. Small groups over lunch, after class they go straight to social activity.
    4. Brooke – Agrees overall. Needs a more active membership and to provide value before charging for membership. 
    5. Brittney – 50th year coming up in 5-6 years. 
    6. Mike L – original mission – networking and support of SHP
      1. Build and network a community as Brooke mentioned. 
    7. Dave – blog and summarize the 2021 SHP experience
      1. Need to get together informally. 
      2. Kaleb – working on blog 
  8. Dave calls the meeting to the end. People can stay to talk. 

SHPAA Board meeting – Saturday, June 19, 2021


Meeting time: 11:00 am Central time
Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 852 3657 3024
Passcode: 693785

Find your local number:


Hello SHP friends, students, supporters, and alums! We are planning a board meeting of the SHPAA for Saturday, June 19, 2021. Time will probably be 10:00 am, but exact time is still to be determined.

Please reply to this blog post with items you’d like to see added to the agenda.

The meeting will be online (Zoom) only.

Details to come.

– Dave Burchell